Burning fossil fuels, gases trapping heat, carbon dioxide, ocean currents heat transfer, troposphere absorbing sun's energy, El Niño, not burning fossil fuels, plants absorb CO2 regulate temp.

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Create 8 multiple choice questions on the natural causes of climate change for Year 8 pupils.

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1. What is the main natural cause of climate change?
a. Burning fossil fuels
b. Volcanic eruptions
c. Deforestation
d. Solar radiation

2. What is one way in which a volcanic eruption can increase global temperature?
a. By ejecting hot particles into the atmosphere
b. By releasing gases that trap heat
c. By releasing clouds of dust to deflect the suns rays
d. By stirring up the atmosphere

3. What gas is primarily responsible for the greenhouse effect?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Nitrous oxide
c. Methane
d. Sulphur dioxide

4. How does the Earth’s natural cycle of ocean currents affect climate change?
a. By reflecting more solar radiation
b. By transferring heat across the globe
c. By absorbing greenhouse gases
d. By releasing clouds of dust

5. During the summer, which atmospheric layer absorbs the most energy from the sun?
a. The troposphere
b. The stratosphere
c. The thermosphere
d. The mesosphere

6. What type of natural event may cause short-term climate change?
a. El Niño
b. La Niña
c. Volcanic eruption
d. Continental drift

7. Which of the following is not considered part of Earth’s natural carbon cycle?
a. The burning of fossil fuels
b. The photosynthesis process
c. Uplift of new ocean rows
d. The decomposition of organic matter

8. What is one way that plants help regulate global temperatures?
a. By absorbing sunlight
b. By releasing water vapor
c. By absorbing carbon dioxide
d. By reflecting infrared radiation