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1. What are the four cups of wine traditionally drank during the Seder meal?
a. The Cups of Praise, Blessing, Dedication and Reaffirmation
b. The Cups of Wine, Honey, Miracles and Joy
c. The Cups of Miracles, Honey, Joy and Redemption
d. The Cups of Redemption, Praise, Blessing and Dedication

2. What is the name of the plate of symbolic foods traditionally used during the Seder meal?
a. The Plate of Reflection
b. The Plate of Joy
c. The Passover Plate
d. The Seder Plate

3. What is the purpose of the reclining position traditionally adopted by celebrants during the Seder meal?
a. It symbolizes the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery
b. It symbolizes the need to be respectful during the meal
c. It symbolizes the traditional way of eating
d. It symbolizes the abundance and overflowing of joy

4. What is the traditional opening song of a Seder meal called?
a. The Song of the Lamb
b. The Four Questions
c. The Kiddush
d. The Ma Nishtana

5. Which of the following is NOT a symbol of springtime traditionally included in the Seder meal?
a. Salt water
b. Parsley
c. Bitter herbs
d. Snow

6. How many plagues were suffered by the Egyptians according to the Seder meal?
a. 7
b. 10
c. 12
d. 15

7. What is the name of the special bread eaten during the Seder meal?
a. Unleavened bread
b. Matzah
c. Challah
d. Hallel

8. What is the traditional closing song of a Seder meal called?
a. My Beloved
b. Dayenu
c. The Four Questions
d. L'chaim