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1. What does courage mean to you?
Answer: To me, courage is the willingness to do what is necessary despite any fear or difficulty.

2. How has courage helped you overcome obstacles in life?
Answer: Courage has helped me face the hard choices in life and take the risk that is necessary for growth.

3. How have you seen courage manifest in other people?
Answer: I have seen courage in people who face great personal obstacles and still choose to continue on with hope and strength.

4. How does your self-belief impact your courage?
Answer: Self-belief impacts my courage by providing me with the confidence to take risks and try things that I may have previously been too scared to attempt.

5. What advice would you give to someone lacking in courage?
Answer: I would advise them to break the goals down into manageable steps and to start small. Baby steps and small successes can help to build the confidence needed to tackle more difficult tasks.

6. How has your understanding of courage changed as you've grown older?
Answer: As I've grown older, my understanding and appreciation of courage has grown. I now recognize the importance of taking risks and facing difficulties in order to grow and succeed.

7. What have you learned about courage from difficult experiences?
Answer: Difficult experiences have taught me that courage isn't about the absence of fear, but instead it's about the ability to push through the fear and still act regardless.

8. In what ways have you seen courage lead to positive change?
Answer: I have seen courage lead to positive change by inspiring and empowering people to take risks and strive for something better. Oftentimes, these risks can have far-reaching and positive effects that can be felt around the world.