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  1. MCQ: What is the meaning of budget? a) A plan for spending and saving money b) A type of currency used in Kenya c) A tool for measuring length d) A way to calculate the area of a shape

  2. True or False: A budget helps us track our income and expenses.

  3. Fill in the blank: A budget helps us ____ our money wisely. a) spend b) save c) lose d) forget

  4. Short answer: What is the purpose of creating a budget? a) To keep track of money b) To buy new toys c) To waste money d) To forget about saving

  5. Multiple response: Which of the following are examples of expenses? a) Buying groceries b) Paying rent c) Saving money d) Going on vacation

  6. Picture-based question: Look at the image below. How much money is left after spending Ksh 500?

    a) Ksh 200 b) Ksh 300 c) Ksh 400 d) Ksh 600

    [Image: A wallet with Ksh 1000 written on it, and Ksh 500 crossed out]

  7. MCQ: If you earn Ksh 1000 per week and save Ksh 200, how much money do you have left to spend? a) Ksh 200 b) Ksh 400 c) Ksh 600 d) Ksh 800

  8. True or False: A budget helps us make informed decisions about how to use our money wisely.