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  1. MCQ: What is the meaning of a budget? a) A plan for spending and saving money b) A type of currency used in Kenya c) A tool for measuring weight d) A type of math equation

  2. True or False: A budget helps us track our income and expenses. a) True b) False

  3. Fill in the blank: A budget helps us ____ our money wisely. a) spend b) save c) waste d) borrow

  4. Short answer: Which of the following is an example of an income? a) Pocket money received from parents b) Money spent on toys c) Money borrowed from a friend d) Money spent on snacks

  5. Multiple response: Which of the following are examples of expenses? a) Buying groceries b) Paying rent c) Saving money in a piggy bank d) Donating to charity

  6. Picture-based question: Look at the image below. What is the best way to budget your money based on this image? [Image: A piggy bank with coins inside] a) Spend all your money on toys b) Save all your money in a piggy bank c) Divide your money between spending and saving d) Give all your money to a friend

  7. MCQ: What is the purpose of a budget? a) To spend money without thinking b) To save money for a rainy day c) To borrow money from others d) To waste money on unnecessary things

  8. True or False: A budget helps us make informed decisions about our money. a) True b) False