Answer: Tara, Lhamo, and Dorje journey across Tibet to find Tara's mother and uncover her family's past. Along the way they face wild animals, harsh elements, and the Chinese military. Tara is courageous, determined, and resourceful. This book celebrates strength and courage over hardship.

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Create a 10 question comprehension about running on the roof of the world by jess butterworth. Include the answers and a mark scheme

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1) Where does the main action of the novel take place?

Answer: The main action takes place in Tibet.

Marks: 1

2) Who is Lhamo?

Answer: Lhamo is Tara’s best friend and neighbour.

Marks: 1

3) Who is Dorje?

Answer: Dorje is the family’s nomad guide.

Marks: 1

4) Who is Tara sent to find?

Answer: Tara is sent to find her estranged mother.

Marks: 1

5) What journey does Tara take?

Answer: Tara takes a journey across the mountains of Tibet to find her mother.

Marks: 1

6) Who helps Tara and Lhamo on their journey?

Answer: Dorje and Gesar (another nomad guide) help Tara and Lhamo on their journey.

Marks: 1

7) What danger does Tara and Lhamo face?

Answer: Tara and Lhamo face the danger of wild animals, natural elements, and the threat of being caught by the Chinese military.

Marks: 1

8) What does Tara find out about her family’s past?

Answer: Tara finds out that her family had been forced to flee Tibet many years earlier.

Marks: 1

9) What words best describe Tara?

Answer: Courageous, determined, resourceful.

Marks: 1

10) What message is the book trying to convey?

Answer: The message that the book is trying to convey is that strength and courage can help us overcome any obstacles.

Marks: 1