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Title: God’s Kids on a Mission

Characters: 1. Teacher 2. Timmy 3. Sarah 4. Emma 5. Alex 6. Lily

Scene: A classroom setting with a teacher and four students sitting at their desks.

[The teacher enters the classroom and greets the students.]

Teacher: Good morning, class!

Students: Good morning, Miss Johnson!

Teacher: Today, we have a special lesson about God’s law number 3. It says, “Remember you are God’s kids and you represent him to others. Make him proud!” Can anyone tell me what this means?

Timmy: It means that we should always behave well and be kind to others because we are God’s children.

Teacher: That’s right, Timmy! We should always try to make God proud by our actions. Today, we will do a skit to help us understand this better. Let’s assign roles!

[The students eagerly raise their hands.]

Teacher: Timmy, you will be the main character. Sarah, Emma, Alex, and Lily, you will be Timmy’s friends. Now, let’s begin!

Scene: A playground setting with Timmy and his friends playing.

[Timmy and his friends are playing happily.]

Timmy: (excitedly) Hey, guys! Let’s play a game where we help others and make God proud!

Sarah: That sounds like a great idea, Timmy! How can we help others?

Emma: Maybe we can pick up trash and keep the playground clean!

Alex: And we can share our toys with those who don’t have any!

Lily: Let’s also be kind to everyone we meet!

[As they continue playing, they notice a new student, Jake, sitting alone.]

Timmy: Look, guys! Jake seems sad and lonely. Let’s go talk to him!

[The group approaches Jake.]

Sarah: Hi, Jake! Would you like to play with us?

Jake: (surprised) Really? No one has ever asked me that before.

Emma: Of course! We’re all friends here, and we want to make everyone feel included.

Alex: Yeah, we’re God’s kids, and we want to represent Him by being kind to others.

Lily: We want to make God proud!

[The group starts playing together, and Jake’s face lights up with joy.]

Jake: Thank you, guys! I’m so happy to have friends like you.

Timmy: We’re happy to have you too, Jake! Remember, we are all God’s kids, and we should always make Him proud by being kind and inclusive.

[The skit ends with the group playing happily together.]

Teacher: Well done, everyone! You all did an amazing job representing God’s law number 3. Remember, we are God’s kids, and we should always strive to make Him proud by being kind, inclusive, and helpful to others.

Students: We will, Miss Johnson!

Teacher: Great! Now, let’s discuss how we can apply this lesson in our daily lives.

[The class engages in a discussion about ways they can make God proud.]

Note: The skit can be modified or expanded based on the available time and resources. The main objective is to teach the concept of representing God and making Him proud through kindness and inclusivity.