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Objectives: - To understand how to use phrasal verbs in simple sentences - To become familiar with a variety of common phrasal verbs - To practice using phrasal verbs in context

Materials: - Blank pieces of paper - Phrasal verb word cards - Whiteboard

Timeline (total 30 min):

  • Introduction (5 min):
    • Ask students what they know about phrasal verbs
    • Ensure they understand the difference between a single verb and a phrasal verb
    • Help them remember the verb and prepositions by using memory techniques
  • Explanation (10 min):
    • Explain the use of phrasal verbs in simple sentences
    • Provide examples of the different types of phrasal verbs
    • Discuss various contexts in which phrasal verbs can be used
  • Practice (10 min):
    • Divide the class into pairs
    • Each student is given a piece of paper
    • Ask each student to draw a table with two columns
    • Give each student 5 cards with phrasal verb words
    • Ask each student individually to choose one word and write it under the ‘Verb’ column
    • Ask them to create a simple sentence with the word and write it under the other column
    • Go around the class and help the students with their sentences if necessary
  • Game (5 min):
    • Divide the class into two teams
    • Place the cards in a pile
    • Each team takes turns at drawing a card
    • Ask the team to come up with a sentence using the phrasal verb
    • The team that comes up with the most convincing sentence gets a point
    • The team with the most points at the end wins
  • Wrap up (5 min):
    • Ask students to share the sentences they created during the practice
    • Ask them to give feedback on each other’s sentences
    • Ask them to share their understanding of the lesson
    • Ask if there are any questions
    • Stress the importance of practicing with phrasal verbs to become comfortable with them
    • Thank the students for their participation.