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Objective: At the end of the lesson, students will be able to apply their understanding of addition and subtraction to solve Word Problems.

Materials: * Worksheet with questions of range addition and subtraction * Dry Erase Boards and Markers

Warm-Up (5 minutes): * To review prior knowledge of addition/subtraction, ask students to work together in pairs and come up with 5 addition and 5 subtraction questions to write on the board. * As different students’ write the equations on the board, have the students explain the sense behind their equations.

Introduction (5 minutes): * Explain that in the upcoming activities their understanding of addition/subtraction will be put to the test as they work with different types of questions.

Body (15 minutes): * Provide the class with the Worksheet and explain that there are 10 different types of addition and subtraction questions (e.g. sums/difference of two numbers, sums/difference of two consecutive numbers, sums/difference of two numbers with different ends, etc.) * Instruct the students they should do the worksheet in teams, each tackling one type of problem in each pair. * Set a timer of 5 minutes to give them time to solve each equation * Monitor and guide the students throughout the exercise

Conclusion (5 minutes): * Ask the students to go to the board, and one by one, work together to explain how they solved the different equations. * Give the students a few minutes to share which problems were most difficult and why

Sample Questions (10): 1. Find the sum of 17 and 19. 2. Find the difference between 32 and 15. 3. Find the sum of two consecutive numbers that add up to 25. 4. Find the difference between two consecutive numbers, which adds up to 25. 5. Find the sum of 19 and 8. 6. Find the difference between 38 and 17. 7. Find the sum of 9 and 5. 8. Find the difference between 6 and 14. 9. Find the sum of 3 and 9. 10. Find the difference between 21 and 11.