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Activity: Exploring Gaelic Words and Phrases

Desired Outcome: I have explored and experimented with Gaelic words and phrases.

Suitable for: Early level (Scottish Curriculum)

Focus: French

Materials needed: 1. Gaelic word cards (with translations in French and English) 2. Large chart paper or whiteboard 3. Marker pens 4. Gaelic and French dictionaries (optional) 5. Gaelic and French storybooks (optional)


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Begin the activity by introducing the concept of Gaelic language and its connection to Scotland.
    • Explain that Gaelic is one of the traditional languages spoken in Scotland, and it has its own unique words and phrases.
    • Mention that Gaelic has similarities and differences with other languages, such as French.
    • Share some interesting facts about Gaelic and its importance in Scottish culture.
  2. Word Exploration (15 minutes):
    • Distribute the Gaelic word cards among the students.
    • Ask the students to read the Gaelic words aloud and try to guess their meanings.
    • Encourage them to discuss with their peers and share their guesses.
    • Write the Gaelic words on the chart paper or whiteboard, leaving space for their French translations.
  3. Translations and Comparisons (15 minutes):
    • Introduce the French translations of the Gaelic words, either by providing them yourself or by asking the students to use Gaelic and French dictionaries.
    • Write the French translations next to the corresponding Gaelic words on the chart paper or whiteboard.
    • Engage the students in a discussion about the similarities and differences between the Gaelic and French words.
    • Encourage them to identify any common patterns or connections between the two languages.
  4. Sentence Building (15 minutes):
    • Divide the students into small groups.
    • Provide each group with a set of Gaelic and French word cards.
    • Instruct the groups to work together to create sentences using the given words, incorporating both Gaelic and French.
    • Encourage them to be creative and experiment with different word combinations.
    • Allow each group to share their sentences with the class, promoting peer-to-peer learning and discussion.
  5. Extension Activities (10 minutes):
    • If available, provide Gaelic and French storybooks for the students to explore.
    • Encourage them to identify any Gaelic or French words they come across while reading.
    • Discuss the importance of language preservation and the benefits of being multilingual.
  6. Conclusion (5 minutes):
    • Recap the main points discussed during the activity.
    • Ask the students to reflect on what they have learned about Gaelic words and phrases, as well as their connections to French.
    • Emphasize the value of exploring and experimenting with different languages.
    • Encourage the students to continue their language exploration beyond the classroom.

Note: This activity can be adapted to focus solely on Gaelic or any other language of interest.