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Title: “The Ultimate Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt”

Objective: To engage high school students in a fun and interactive activity that helps them familiarize themselves with their classmates, the classroom, and the school environment.

Materials needed: 1. Printed copies of the scavenger hunt list (one per student) 2. Pens or pencils for each student

Instructions: 1. Begin by explaining the rules and objectives of the scavenger hunt to the students. 2. Divide the students into small groups of 3-4 members. 3. Distribute the printed copies of the scavenger hunt list to each group. 4. Set a time limit of 30 minutes for the students to complete the scavenger hunt. 5. Instruct the students to work together as a team to find and complete as many items on the list as possible within the given time frame. 6. Emphasize that the students must remain inside the classroom throughout the activity. 7. Encourage the students to be creative and think outside the box while completing the tasks. 8. Remind the students to be respectful of their classmates and the classroom environment. 9. Monitor the progress of each group and provide assistance if needed. 10. Once the time is up, gather all the students back together in the classroom. 11. Ask each group to share their experiences and the items they were able to find or complete. 12. Congratulate the group that completed the most tasks or found the most items. 13. Wrap up the activity by discussing any interesting or surprising discoveries made during the scavenger hunt. 14. Use this opportunity to introduce any important information or rules specific to the classroom or school.

Sample Scavenger Hunt List: 1. Find a classmate who shares the same birth month as you and take a selfie together. 2. Locate a book with a blue cover in the classroom library. 3. Find a school supply item that starts with the letter “P.” 4. Take a photo of a classmate who has traveled to a different country. 5. Find a quote or inspirational message displayed in the classroom. 6. Locate a map of the school and identify the location of the gymnasium. 7. Find a classmate who has a pet and take a photo with them. 8. Take a selfie with a classmate who has the same favorite color as you. 9. Find a classmate who has participated in a school club or organization. 10. Locate a poster or flyer advertising an upcoming school event.

Note: The scavenger hunt list can be customized to include specific items or tasks relevant to your classroom or school.