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Title: “The Ultimate High School Scavenger Hunt”

Objective: To engage and entertain high school students while familiarizing them with their school environment and promoting teamwork.

Materials needed: 1. Scavenger hunt list (printed copies for each team) 2. Pens or pencils for each team 3. Stopwatch or timer 4. Prizes for the winning team (optional)

Instructions: 1. Divide the students into teams of 4-6 members. Aim to have an equal number of teams if possible. 2. Provide each team with a copy of the scavenger hunt list and a pen/pencil. 3. Explain the rules and objectives of the game: a. Each team must work together to find and complete as many tasks as possible within the given time limit. b. The team that completes the most tasks correctly within the time limit will be declared the winner. c. Encourage students to be respectful of school property and follow any specific guidelines you provide. 4. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt (e.g., 45 minutes to 1 hour). 5. Start the timer and let the teams begin their hunt. 6. The scavenger hunt list should include a variety of tasks that require students to explore different areas of the school. Here are some examples: a. Take a group photo with the school mascot. b. Find a classroom with a periodic table and write down the atomic number of an element. c. Locate the school library and find a book with a specific title or author. d. Find a teacher’s classroom and ask them a specific question (e.g., their favorite book or subject). e. Take a selfie with a school staff member. f. Find a bulletin board with information about a school club or activity. g. Locate the school gymnasium and take a photo of the basketball court. h. Find a classroom with a world map and identify a specific country. i. Take a photo of a school landmark or unique feature. j. Find a classroom with a whiteboard and solve a math problem written on it. 7. Teams should document their progress by taking photos, writing down answers, or collecting specific items as evidence of completing each task. 8. Once the time limit is up, gather all the teams together and review the answers and evidence they collected. 9. Calculate the scores and announce the winning team based on the number of completed tasks. 10. Optionally, award prizes to the winning team as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

Note: Ensure that the scavenger hunt tasks are appropriate, safe, and align with the school’s policies and guidelines.