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Case Study: Ethics and the Origin of Law


Business ethics and the origin of law are inextricably linked. Ethical principles can provide guidance to business owners and managers in creating and adhering to the laws they must abide by in the workplace. This case study will provide a look at the history and evolution of law, and how ethical considerations have altered its development in modern society.

Case Facts:

Jeffrey, the owner of a small business, is aware of the number of laws and regulations that his business must comply with in order to stay in operation. He also knows that these laws vary vastly depending on the country, and that they often vary by region within a country. As Jeffrey investigates more deeply, he begins to wonder, “Where did all these laws come from, and what do they mean in terms of business ethics?”


The origin of the law is complex and diverse, and is the result of a variety of sources. The earliest laws were developed over thousands of years in Ancient civilizations, many of which recognized the ethical principles of justice and fairness in the consequences for certain types of behavior. For example, in Ancient Babylon, the Code of Hammurabi recognized the punishment for certain offenses as based on what was considered just or fair based on the circumstance.

In more modern times, many democratic societies have evolved to require legislative and executive branches of government to establish laws for their citizens to abide by. These laws are written to help ensure fairness, ethical business practices, and protection of individuals’ rights.

Business ethics, then, must be thought of in the context of the larger ethical considerations of a society. Many nations have laws governing workplace practices, ranging from wage and hour requirements to discrimination and health and safety standards. All of these may be based on ethical considerations, such as the fairness of pay, protection of vulnerable members of the population, and providing safer workplaces.


Business ethics and the origin of law are deeply intertwined. The laws that govern business practices come from ethical considerations within a society and have evolved over time. As such, it is important for business owners to consider these laws in their operations and to consider the ethical implications of their actions. It is also important to recognize that the laws that apply to their businesses may change from region to region, and over time, and it is the business owner’s responsibility to stay informed of the applicable laws and to adhere to them.