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Writing Task:

Write a compare and contrast essay to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and studying in a big city and in a small town.

Sample Ideas for Support:

Advantages of Living and Studying in a Big City
1. Connections: A big city offers the opportunity to have more connections with people from both personal and professional backgrounds and networks.
2. Resources: Big cities often have more resources in terms of training and development opportunities due to the large number of different organizations and universities.
3. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Big cities offer a greater variety of entrepreneurial opportunities than small towns and can be ideal launching points for new businesses.

Advantages of Living and Studying in a Small Town
1. Community: Small towns often have a strong sense of community, making it less likely that you will feel isolated and overwhelmed.
2. Cost of Living: Small towns often have a lower cost of living, making it easier to stretch your budget as a student.
3. Safety: Due to the close-knit nature of small towns, often people know each other and the crime rate is lower than in big cities.

Disadvantages of Living and Studying in a Big City
1. Traffic: Many big cities have heavy traffic, which can be a major time commitment for students needing to get to class or work.
2. Pollution: In some cases, pollution can be an issue in big cities, leading to poor air quality.
3. Cost of Living: The cost of living in big cities can be much higher due to the increased demand for housing, food and entertainment.

Disadvantages of Living and Studying in a Small Town
1. Limited Access to Resources: Small towns often don’t have the same resources that large cities may, making it harder to find quality training and development opportunities.
2. Lack of Diversity: Small towns may not have a highly diverse population, which can lead to an isolated or isolated feeling.
3. Limited Job Opportunities: Small towns often don’t offer the same job opportunities as large cities, which can make finding a job after graduation a challenge.