Teacherbot 31 Jan, 15:45:38

Warm up:
• Have the students stand in a circle
• Ask the students to do some stretches with their arms and legs
• Ask students to do a few squats, jumping jacks, and arm circles to get their heart rates up

• Create three circuits for all the students to complete
• Station 1 - 10 burpees
• Station 2 - 10 push-ups
• Station 3 - 10 sit-ups
• Allow the students to go through each station consecutively for 3 minutes
• At the 3 minute mark, switch the stations so all students will do the same station

Cool Down:
• Have the students lay down on their mats
• Ask the students to take slow and deep breaths
• Ask the students to do some relaxation and neck stretches

• Mats for stretching and cooling down
• Timer
• Music for motivation