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Title: Navigating the Online World: Choosing a Kids Article

Objective: - To teach Year 3 students how to choose a suitable and reliable kids article online. - To develop comprehension skills by analyzing the content, language, and credibility of online articles.

Materials: - Internet-connected devices (computers, tablets, or smartphones) - Worksheet (see below) - Pencils or pens


  1. Introduction (5 minutes): - Begin the lesson by discussing the importance of choosing appropriate and reliable articles when reading online. - Explain that not all articles found on the internet are suitable for children, and it is essential to learn how to select the right ones. - Emphasize the importance of understanding the content, language, and credibility of online articles.

  2. Pre-Reading Activity (5 minutes): - Distribute the worksheet to each student. - Instruct the students to read the given statements and circle whether they think it is true or false. - Discuss the answers as a class, allowing students to explain their choices.

Worksheet: 1. All articles found online are suitable for children. (True/False) 2. It is important to understand the content of an article before reading it. (True/False) 3. The language used in an article doesn’t matter as long as it is interesting. (True/False) 4. It is essential to check the credibility of the website before reading an article. (True/False)

  1. Guided Practice (15 minutes): - Explain to the students that you will now guide them through the process of choosing a kids article online. - Demonstrate how to search for a topic of interest using a search engine (e.g., “kids articles about animals”). - Select a suitable article and display it on a screen or interactive whiteboard. - Model how to analyze the article’s content, language, and credibility by asking questions such as: - What is the main topic of this article? - Is the language used easy to understand? - Who is the author of this article? Is the website trustworthy? - Encourage students to share their thoughts and opinions.

  2. Independent Practice (15 minutes): - Allow students to work individually or in pairs. - Instruct them to use their internet-connected devices to search for a kids article on a topic of their choice. - Remind them to consider the content, language, and credibility of the article. - Once they have selected an article, have them complete the worksheet independently.

  3. Conclusion (5 minutes): - Bring the class back together and discuss their experiences in choosing a kids article online. - Ask a few students to share the article they found and explain why they chose it. - Recap the key points discussed during the lesson, emphasizing the importance of selecting suitable and reliable articles online.

Extension Activity: - Encourage students to read their chosen article aloud to the class or write a short summary of what they learned. - Discuss the importance of citing sources and provide examples of how to do so.

Note: It is essential to ensure that students are supervised while using the internet and that appropriate content filters are in place to maintain their safety.