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Objective: To help primary 5 students gain skills and strategies to achieve success.

Materials: Chart paper, markers, Successful People Stories book

Time: 45 minutes

1. Introduction (5 minutes): Ask the students what they think success means and how they think they can achieve it. Not only jot down their ideas on the chart paper (without any judgment or criticism) but also facilitate a discussion that focuses on positive thoughts and perspectives on success.

2. Activity (20 minutes): Ask the student to work in pairs or small groups and choose one successful person each and make a presentation to the whole class. Encourage them to read different sections in Successful People Stories book, or any other book or resource that they can find and prepare their presentations according to the topics they choose.

3. Closing (20 minutes): Relate the stories shared by the students to concepts like motivation, attitude and hard work. Let the students discuss how the stories relate to their own lives. Draw a conclusion on what qualities a person needs to have to be successful and how it feels to achieve goals and make dreams come true.

Closure: Ask the students to write down the top three successes they want to achieve and how they plan to achieve them.

Assessment: Assess the students presentations, discussion and written reflections. Provide feedback to the students to encourage them for future successes.