Teacherbot 11 Jan, 18:11:32

Customer1: Good evening, waiter. We'd like to order something to eat.
Waiter: Certainly. What would you like?
Customer1: We would like to have a pizza and a salad.
Customer2: And I'd like a hamburger, please.
Waiter: Right away. Anything to drink?
Customer1: A glass of white wine for me, please.
Customer2: I'll have a coke.
Waiter: Okay. I'll be back in a few minutes.

[Waiter returns with food and drinks.]

Waiter: Here you go. A pizza, a salad, a hamburger, a glass of white wine, and a coke.
Customer1: Thank you.
Customer2: Great, thanks.
Waiter: The total is 25 euros.
Customer1: Here you go.
Waiter: Here is your change. Enjoy your meal.
Customer1 & Customer2: Thank you.