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Chapter 1:

Today was a difficult day. We came to Venice hoping we could all find peace, but it's been nothing but trouble since we got here. My little brother Bo and I were on the run from the orphanage, but the kindly old toy-seller, Hornet, brought us here. I'm worried about Bo, he seems to just want to steal to make a living, but I don't want that for him. I want him to have a better life, not one of crime.

Chapter 2:

We've been here in Venice for a few months now, and life is getting better. We met a mysterious old man in the bookshop called Scipio, who talks in riddles and gives us saucy advice. He seems to know our situation and has helped us settle in. He knows the Thief Lord, and I'm curious to know more about him. I still worry about Bo, but he seems to be keeping to the straight and narrow.

Chapter 3:

Today Bo and I visited the city of Venice with Hornet. We went to the masked ball, and I saw a side of Venice I never expected. It was full of life and excitement, and I felt free to be whoever I wanted to be. It made me want to stay here in Venice forever. I was glad that Bo enjoyed himself too. He has seemed more content and at home since we arrived here.

Chapter 4:

We kept hearing about the Thief Lord and his gang, and today Scipio told us a little bit more. He is a mysterious figure who seems to be doing some good in the city, but still there are whispers of him being dangerous. We have no idea where he is, but my heart is racing at the thought of meeting him. I'm sure Bo is just as curious, and I worry about what he might get into if he joins the gang.

Chapter 5:

My worries about Bo are becoming more and more intense as we get closer to uncovering the truth behind the Thief Lord. We finally found him, and while I'm still apprehensive, I'm also excited to know what he has to offer. Either way, I'm going to make sure Bo stays away from the darker side of this business. Venice is an exciting place, and Bo should make the most of the opportunities here, not get caught up in a life of crime.