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Lesson title: Responsibility to Oneself and the Community: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

-Students will analyze personal and societal responsibility to build a culture of responsibility and respect through the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
-Students will reflect on the impact of illegal digital downloading on others
-Students will discuss appropriate online behavior

New York State Standards:
-Social studies, Standard 3 – Individual Development and Identity: Students will understand their own and others’ development and identity and create relationships to promote and maintain a healthy environment.
-English Language Arts: Standard 3 – Research, Researching to Build and Present Knowledge: Students will conduct research to answer and explore questions, to build knowledge through investigation of different sources, to develop digital products that are contributions to the knowledge and information.

ISTE Standards for Students:
-1. Digital Citizenship: Students understand human and cultural norms for technology use
-4. Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making: Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

Library Standards:
-Standard 1 – Information Literacy: Students will use the library and other resources to access the information they need; to be critical consumers of information; and to make informed decisions.

Materials Needed:
-Book "# Goldilocks", by Darren Farrell
-Question cards
-Print out of the Three Bears' respective online files

Lesson Plan:
1. Introduce the Book #Goldilocks: Ask the students to think about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Explain to them that today they will be reading a modern version of the classic tale that they already know. Explain that the author, Darren Farrell, has given the story a “techy update”.

2. Read the Story: Ask the students to listen to the story carefully, and explain that they will need to pay attention to the differences between the classic tale and this modern update.

3. Group Activity: Divide the students into groups of four. Each group should have a set of question cards and print outs of the Three Bears' respective online files. Ask the students to review the Three Bears’ online files and discuss the responsibilities that each bear had to themselves and the community. Ask each group to share their answers with the class.

4. Revisit the Book: After the groups have finished their discussion, ask the students to read the book once more. Explain to them that this time, they should try to identify the times when Goldilocks made an irresponsible choice and how it affected others.

5. Class Discussion: Ask the students to share the ways that Goldilocks made an irresponsible choice, and asked the students to explain how that impacts other people in their own lives and in the community. Ask them to consider the different types of digital behavior that are acceptable and unacceptable.

6. Closing: Ask the students to come up with a few key words that describe how one should behave responsibly in their community. Suggest words such as respect, honesty, integrity, or kindness. Collect the words from the class and write a few of them up on the board for the students to review.

Reflection: Ask the class what they have learned from the lesson (what they think they have done well, what they could improve, what they need to consider more before they act, etc.). Ask the students to explain why it is important to be responsible online and in the community.