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\item Identify responsibilities that people have to themselves and to their community.
\item Analyze a children’s book for themes related to responsibility.
\item Engage in a discussion about responsibilities with peers.

\textbf{NYS Standards:} Social Studies Standard 2.c; Information Technology Standard 2.b

\textbf{ISTE Standards:} Digital Citizen 4.b; Technology Operations and Concepts 4.a; Communication and Collaboration 3.b

\textbf{ALA Standards:} Information literacy 1.1.1; 2.1.1; 4.1.1;

\textbf{Introduction:} Introduce students to concepts of responsibility to themselves and to their community. Ask students to share examples of how individuals and groups can be responsible citizens. Explain that they will be reading and discussing a children’s book related to these themes.

\textbf{Children’s Book:} Have students read the children’s book “The Berenstain Bears and the Truth” by Stan and Jan Berenstain. This book follows Sister Bear as she learns about the importance of truth-telling and responsibility.

\textbf{Discussion:} After reading the book, engage the students in a discussion about the themes presented in the book. Ask questions such as “What is the importance of being truthful?” and “How is being responsible important in the community?” Guide the students in a discussion about any examples of responsibility they saw in the book.

\textbf{Small Group Activity:} Divide students into small groups. Ask each group to brainstorm a list of responsibilities that individuals and groups have to themselves and their community. Encourage them to think of examples from the book as well. Once they are finished, bring the groups back together and have each group report out one responsibility. Create a list of all the responsibilities on a piece of chart paper.

\textbf{Conclusion:} Recap with students the importance of responsibility. Remind them that it is important for them to be responsible citizens.