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Create a discussion guide based on a podcast of students and adults with disabilities discussing the skills learned during a first job that help them in the current professional job.

Teacherbot 04 Jan, 14:55:28

1. What was your first job and how did it help you develop skills that you use today in your professional life?
2. What were the biggest challenges you faced transitioning from the first job to your current professional job?
3. Are there any specific skills you learned in your first job that you have been able to apply in your current job?
4. How have your skills developed since your first job?
5. What advice would you give to young people with disabilities who are looking for their first job?
6. What have been the biggest advantages of being a person with a disability in the workplace?
7. How have you used your experiences with disability to help you succeed and advance in your current job?
8. How have you found ways to accommodate your own disability within the work environment?
9. How have you worked with employers to set goals and expectations that accommodate your disability?
10. What advice would you give to employers of individuals with disabilities in how to ensure a successful relationship between the employee and the employer?