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-To understand the importance of physical activity in developing team spirit
-To be able to showcase their knowledge and skills of the game in a scene
-To foster an appreciation for the sport

Materials Needed:
-Soccer ball(s)
-Props/costumes to support an on-field scene


1. Begin by having students brainstorm what qualities and characteristics are necessary to play soccer well. Examples include: teamwork, focus, agility, stamina, etc.

2. Split the class into two teams. Have each team work together to create short skits, roles and lines to showcase their understanding of the game.

3. Encourage the teams to use props and costumes to bring their scenes to life.

4. Now choose one team to act out its scene. Give the other team enough time to take notes and pick out at least two strategies they can apply in their own scene.

5. After each team is given a few minutes of feedback, switch teams. The team that just watched should now act out their scene, while the team that just performed should now take notes on the other team’s scene.

6. After both teams have performed and received their critiques, take the class outside for a game. Have students team up, or break into smaller groups, and play an impromptu match.

7. Once back inside the classroom, have students share their favorite moments from their game as well as strategies they used in order to play successfully.

8. Finally, review the objectives and have the class formally wrap up the session by discussing what valuable lessons were learned from the exercise and how they can apply those lessons to their relationships and activities both on and off the field.