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8:00 am - Welcome and Introductions: Gather all the students in a circle and have each child introduce themselves by saying their name and one thing they like.

8:15 am - Icebreaker Game: Play a fun icebreaker game like “Simon Says” or “Duck, Duck, Goose” to help the children get to know each other and feel comfortable in the new environment.

8:30 am - Classroom Tour: Take the students on a tour of the classroom, showing them where different areas are such as the reading corner, art station, and play area. Explain the rules and expectations for each area.

9:00 am - Story Time: Read a picture book aloud to the class, focusing on a theme like friendship or starting school. After reading, have a short discussion about the story and ask the children questions to engage their comprehension skills.

9:30 am - Snack Time: Have a designated snack time where the children can sit together and enjoy a healthy snack. Use this time to encourage conversation and socialization among the students.

10:00 am - Art Activity: Provide the children with art supplies and have them create a simple art project related to the theme of the day. This could be drawing a self-portrait or making a collage of their favorite things.

10:30 am - Outdoor Play: Take the children outside for some physical activity and free play. Encourage them to explore the playground equipment, play games, or engage in group activities like tag or a scavenger hunt.

11:00 am - Music and Movement: Have a short music and movement session where the children can dance, sing, and follow along with simple movements. This helps them release energy and promotes gross motor skills.

11:30 am - Lunch Time: Have a designated lunch time where the children can eat their packed lunches or school-provided meals. Encourage conversation and good table manners during this time.

12:00 pm - Quiet Time: After lunch, have a quiet time where the children can rest or engage in quiet activities like reading or coloring. This helps them recharge and prepares them for the rest of the day.

12:30 pm - Circle Time: Gather the children in a circle again for a closing activity. This could be singing a goodbye song, discussing the highlights of the day, or playing a short game to reinforce concepts learned.

1:00 pm - Dismissal: Have a smooth dismissal process where parents or guardians can pick up their children. Ensure that each child is safely handed over to the designated adult.

Note: The schedule can be adjusted based on the specific needs and routines of the kindergarten class.