Beginner guitarist learns how to play chords, read tabs & tune guitar. Pick, forms & strumming basics. Play songs & practice.

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Create a first lesson for a beginner guitarist

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At the end of this lesson, a beginner guitarist should be able to play basic chords and understand how to read guitar tabs.

Materials Needed:
- acoustic or electric guitar
- tuner
- guitar pick
- guitar tabs (optional)

Lesson Outline:

1. Pick Up and Tune the Guitar - Pick up the guitar, strum the open strings to get a feel for it and then plug in your tuner. Tune each string one at a time until they are in tune.

2. Correct Hand Postures - Demonstrate the correct left and right hand postures for playing the guitar.

3. Pick and Strum Basics - Explain how to hold the pick and demonstrate strumming the strings with an up and down motion.

4. Play Open Position Chords - Show the beginner how to play open position chords. Once they have mastered the correct forms and postures, they can move on to strumming basic progressions.

5. Reading Tabs - Explain the basics of how to read guitar tabs, and demonstrate how to use the tabs to play basic songs.

6. Review and Practice - Do a quick review of the concepts and ask the beginner to practice strumming chords and reading tabs until their next lesson.

7. Wrap-up - Congratulate the beginner for completing their first lesson and set up their next lesson.