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Week 1: Monday: - Introduce classroom rules and expectations - Icebreaker activities to help students get to know each other - Review basic math skills (addition and subtraction) - Read a story and discuss the main characters and plot

Tuesday: - Introduce the English language curriculum - Practice letter formation and handwriting - Read a short passage and answer comprehension questions - Introduce a new vocabulary word and use it in a sentence

Wednesday: - Introduce the Science curriculum - Conduct a simple science experiment (e.g., mixing colors) - Discuss the results and encourage students to make observations - Practice counting and number recognition through a math game

Thursday: - Introduce the Social Studies curriculum - Discuss the concept of community and its importance - Engage in a class discussion about different types of communities - Create a class poster showcasing different communities

Friday: - Introduce the Art curriculum - Engage in a creative art activity (e.g., drawing, painting) - Discuss different art techniques and encourage students to express themselves - Review the week’s learning and have a class reflection session

Week 2: Monday: - Review the previous week’s learning in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies - Practice reading and writing simple sentences - Introduce a new math concept (e.g., multiplication) - Engage in a group discussion about different animals and their habitats

Tuesday: - Introduce the Music curriculum - Learn a new song and practice singing as a class - Explore different musical instruments and their sounds - Engage in a rhythm and movement activity

Wednesday: - Introduce the Physical Education curriculum - Engage in physical activities and games to promote fitness and coordination - Teach basic sports skills (e.g., throwing, catching) - Discuss the importance of staying active and healthy

Thursday: - Introduce the Irish language curriculum - Learn basic Irish phrases and vocabulary - Practice pronunciation and engage in simple conversations - Explore Irish culture and traditions

Friday: - Review the week’s learning in all subjects - Engage in a group project related to the Social Studies curriculum (e.g., creating a map of a community) - Reflect on the learning experiences of the past two weeks - Set goals for the upcoming weeks and discuss expectations