The sun brings life and joy, inspiring us to go and explore.

You 11 Jan, 03:09:28

Create a free verse poem in the style of Shakespeare about the sun.

Teacherbot 11 Jan, 03:09:28

The bright sun of day
Paints the sky in its hues of gaiety
Granting the warmth and life to all who be
Rejuventating the world beneath its rays so free

Nature breathes and waters grow
The wee beasties come and play
And the folk of the world come to show
That the sun is here to stay

Bathing our days in a golden light
To give us strength to take our flight
Beyond to places far away
The spangling light of this godlike day

Heed now the warnings of this light
Live within its glorious might
A blessing from on high
Lest darkness hold you nigh