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Title: “Find Your Match”

Objective: To encourage interaction and foster a positive classroom environment among students while reviewing English vocabulary and grammar.

Materials needed: - Index cards or small pieces of paper - Writing utensils

Instructions: 1. Divide the class into pairs and distribute index cards or small pieces of paper to each student. 2. Instruct each student to write down one interesting fact about themselves on their index card without revealing their name. 3. Collect all the index cards and shuffle them. 4. Randomly distribute the index cards back to the students, making sure that no student receives their own card. 5. Explain that the objective of the game is to find the person who has the matching card to theirs. 6. Instruct the students to mingle around the classroom, asking questions to their classmates to find their match. They can only ask “yes” or “no” questions. 7. Once a student finds their match, they should sit down together and introduce themselves to the class, sharing their interesting fact. 8. Encourage the pairs to engage in a short conversation using English, discussing their interests, hobbies, or any other topic of their choice. 9. After a few minutes, ask each pair to introduce their partner to the class, sharing their partner’s interesting fact. 10. Repeat the process until all pairs have found each other and introduced themselves. 11. As a wrap-up, lead a brief class discussion about the interesting facts shared and encourage students to ask follow-up questions to their classmates.

Variations: - To make the game more challenging, you can ask students to write their interesting fact using only English vocabulary they have learned so far. - Instead of pairs, you can divide the class into small groups and have them find all the members of their group. - For a larger class, you can create multiple sets of index cards with different categories (e.g., favorite food, favorite movie, dream travel destination) and have students find their matches within those categories.

Note: This game can be modified to suit the specific needs and preferences of your class.