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Title: “Celebrity Trivia Challenge”

Objective: The objective of this game is to engage 7th-grade ESL students on their first day of school by testing their knowledge of celebrities and films while encouraging teamwork and communication skills.

Materials needed: - Whiteboard or blackboard - Markers or chalk - Celebrity trivia questions (prepared in advance) - Small pieces of paper or index cards - Timer or stopwatch

Instructions: 1. Divide the students into teams of 4-5 members each. Ensure that each team has a mix of students with different English proficiency levels. 2. Explain the rules of the game: Each team will take turns answering trivia questions related to celebrities and films. The team with the most correct answers wins. 3. Write the team names on the board, leaving space for points. 4. Each team will choose a representative to come to the front of the class. 5. Hand out small pieces of paper or index cards to each team representative. 6. Set a timer for 30 seconds for each question. 7. Ask the first trivia question related to celebrities or films. For example: “Which actor played Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?” 8. The team representatives have 30 seconds to write down their answers on the paper or index card. 9. After the time is up, collect the answers from each representative. 10. Ask each representative to reveal their answer and explain their reasoning. 11. Award one point to the team with the correct answer. 12. Repeat steps 7-11 with different trivia questions, ensuring that each team gets a chance to answer. 13. Keep track of each team’s points on the board. 14. Continue playing until all the prepared trivia questions have been answered or until a predetermined time limit is reached. 15. At the end of the game, announce the winning team based on the highest number of points. 16. Congratulate the winning team and encourage positive reinforcement for all participants. 17. As a follow-up activity, discuss the correct answers to the trivia questions, allowing students to learn more about celebrities and films.

Note: To make the game more challenging, you can include questions about international celebrities or films from different countries. Additionally, you can encourage students to share interesting facts or trivia about their favorite celebrities or films during the game.