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Generic Writing Rubric:

  1. Organization and Planning: - The writing is well-organized and follows a clear structure. - Ideas are logically arranged and connected. - The writer demonstrates effective planning and preparation.

  2. Introduction: - The introduction clearly states the claim(s) being made. - Alternate or opposing claims are acknowledged. - The reasons and evidence are presented in a logical order.

  3. Logical Reasoning and Relevant Evidence: - The writer supports the claim(s) with logical reasoning. - Relevant evidence is provided to support the claim(s). - Accurate and credible sources are used to support the argument. - The writer demonstrates an understanding of the topic or text.

  4. Cohesion and Clarity: - Words, phrases, and clauses are used effectively to create cohesion. - Relationships among claim(s), reasons, and evidence are clarified. - The writing flows smoothly and is easy to follow.

  5. Formal Style: - The writing maintains a formal style appropriate for the audience and purpose. - Proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are used. - The tone is appropriate and consistent throughout the writing.

  6. Conclusion: - A concluding statement or section is provided. - The conclusion follows logically from the argument presented. - The conclusion supports the overall argument.

Overall, the writing rubric assesses the ability to organize information and ideas, introduce and acknowledge claims, provide logical reasoning and relevant evidence, create cohesion and clarity, maintain a formal style, and provide a concluding statement or section that supports the argument presented.