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Year 2 British Curriculum Objectives: To identify the planet and their order

Topic: Planets in Solar System

Time: An hour Introduction

  1. Introduce the lesson to the children by playing the planers song. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9XZvA8SHjA).

  2. Ask the children what they know about the planets and record their answers on the board.


  1. Divide the class into 4 groups.

  2. Each group will explore one planet (Mars, Venus, Earth and Mercury) and research facts about it.

  3. Higher ability students: Research facts about the planet both online and in books.

  4. Middle ability students: Research facts by talking to family members and friends or by exploring apps or websites that are appropriate for their age.

  5. Lower ability students: Write down key words to describe the planet.

  6. Get each group to choose a different way of presenting their findings such as a poster, dance or a script for a theatrical production.

  7. Allow groups 30 minutes to carry out their research and create their presentations.


  1. Ask each group to present their findings to the class.

  2. Ask the children to arrange the planets correctly in a sequence.

  3. Recap the lesson by playing the planets song.

  4. Encourage the children to draw or paint a picture of the planets.

  5. Display their artwork around the classroom.