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  1. Divide the class into groups of 3-4 students.

  2. Assign each group a podcast episode to listen to. Encourage students to take notes on the cultural elements of the podcast (e.g. slang, music, themes, topics, dialogue).

  3. Arrange the class into a circle and encourage the groups to share their impressions with the entire class.

  4. Have the groups discuss how they think the podcast episode could be adapted with elements from their own culture.

  5. Ask each group to come up with a plan for a similar podcast episode based on their own culture that could be created using the same cultural elements discussed.

  6. Have each group present their podcast episode ideas to the rest of the class.

  7. As a summary exercise, encourage the groups to create a collective version of the podcast episode idea.

  8. As a final touch, each group can create their podcast episode poster which should include the collective version of the podcast episode idea.