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The small village of Copperfield had been consumed by fear as numerous reports of strange and disturbing occurrences had been making their way around town. The past few weeks, villagers had been telling of nightmares where a strange black figure had appeared, and seemed to be stalking them.

The nightmares had become worse for the townsfolk the following day and the surrounding forest had become off limits. No one in the town felt safe, but all seemed to be powerless to do anything about it.

One night after dinner, a young girl named Abigail was sitting in her bed, trying to fall asleep. In her dream, she found herself walking through the forest, following the black figure until it stopped and turned around to face her. Its eyes glowed a deep red, and it spoke in a voice thick with malice and hatred.

"I am here to take back what is mine”, it said.

When Abigail woke up, she was terrified and the nightmare seemed to persist in the back of her mind. To her horror, the next day she woke up to screams outside and when she looked out her window, she saw the same figure from her nightmare emerging from the dark wood right in the middle of the village square.

Everyone in the square started to run away in terror, but the strange figure merely stood there, silently glaring at them. Abigail could feel its eyes burn into her every step.

What felt like an eternity later, Abigail finally arrived inside her home and could only watch in terror as the figure slowly paced around the village, its eyes constantly scanning for anyone foolish enough to still be there.

The village has since been thrown into chaos, with no clue as to what this sinister entity wants. Many have already fled in terror, and the few remaining citizens have barricaded themselves in their homes, hoping and praying for the nightmare to end.