You 09 Jan, 09:04:45

Create a informational text piece based on the planet earth. Ensure it mentions facts about the planet earth, which planets earth is located next to in the solar system. Mention the atmosphere and how many moons this planet has. What type of gravity is there and is there life there. Make sure that it is for year 2 aged 7 children.

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 09:04:45

Earth is a planet like no other! It is located near Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the Solar System. It is the only planet with life and has many interesting features.

Earth is the third planet from the sun and has the perfect temperature for us to live in. It has an atmosphere with the combination of nitrogen, oxygen and small amounts of other gases. It also has one moon which is called the Moon.

We experience gravity on Earth, which is the force that pulls everything to the ground. Without gravity, nothing would stay on the ground!

Earth is a very special planet and it's good to remember how special it is.