Welcome to the fascinating world of Planet Earth Fact File.

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Create a informational text piece based on the planet earth. Ensure it mentions facts about the planet earth, which planets earth is located next to in the solar system. Mention the atmosphere and how many moons this planet has. What type of gravity is there and is there life there. Make sure that it is for year 2 aged 7 children. Include images and make it like a fact file with many facts.

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Planet Earth Fact File

Welcome to the fact file of Planet Earth! Did you know that Planet Earth is located in the Solar System between the Planets Mars and Venus? Let’s find out more interesting facts about Planet Earth!

Planet Earth is a planet like no other and is home to many living things - including us humans! We live here and explore the many mysteries all around us. Planet Earth is the biggest of all the terrestrial planets, which include Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth.

Planet Earth has an incredible atmosphere which consists of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and trace amounts of other elements. The atmosphere protects us and all of the lifeforms on the planet from damaging solar radiation. It also helps keep us warm by trapping some of the heat radiated from the sun.

Planet Earth also has a powerful gravitational pull which is what keeps us from floating off into space! It also helps keep our feet on the ground and prevents things from flying away too easily.

We all know about the moon, but did you know that Planet Earth has only one Moon? This Moon is known as the 'Luna' and it helps to keep our days and nights regulated.

Finally, did you know that Planet Earth is also home to many forms of life? We have a wide range of animals, plants and other forms of life that are essential to our planet and keep us thriving.

Now you know a bit more about our beautiful planet, Planet Earth!