Welcome to Planet Earth! Home to life, Oxygen, Nitrogen, water, land, 1 Moon & gravitational forces. Protect & cherish it!

You 09 Jan, 09:13:42

Create a informational text piece based on the planet earth. Ensure it mentions facts about the planet earth, which planets earth is located next to in the solar system. Mention the atmosphere and how many moons this planet has. What type of gravity is there and is there life there. Make sure that it is for year 2 aged 7 children. Include images and make it like a fact file with many facts.

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 09:13:42

Welcome to Planet Earth!

Planet Earth is the perfect place to call home! Earth is located in the Solar System between Venus and Mars.

Earth is the only planet with life, so we should look after it! The atmosphere is made of Oxygen and Nitrogen, with water and land. Earth has one moon which is called the Moon, and it's special because it's the only one in the Solar System that can be seen from Earth.

Gravity on Earth is the same as everywhere else in the Solar System. It pulls objects towards the Earth and makes it so that we all stay down on the ground!

Earth is an amazing place and we should look after it as best as we can.

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