Mars is a cold, small planet in our solar system; two moons, evidence of life yet to be found. Scientists explore and try to bring rocks from Mars.

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Create a informational text piece based on the planet Mars. Ensure it mentions facts about the planet Mars, which planets Mars is located next to in the solar system. Mention the atmosphere and how many moons this planet has. What type of gravity is there and is there life there. Has anyone tried to get there? Make sure that it is for year 2 aged 7 children. Include images and make it like a fact file with many facts.

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Planet Mars!

Mars is a very interesting planet! It is the fourth planet from the Sun and is part of the solar system. It is located between Earth and Jupiter and is much colder than Earth.

Mars has an atmosphere, but it is much thinner than Earth's atmosphere. This makes the air on Mars difficult to breathe. Although Mars has an atmosphere, it is much colder than Earth and the surface of Mars has temperatures below freezing point.

Mars is a very small planet, compared to Earth it is more than half the size but it has only one-third the gravity. This means that if you stood on the surface of Mars, you would weigh a lot less than you do on Earth.

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. These moons were discovered in 1877 by the astronomer Asaph Hall.

Some people think that there could be life on Mars, but so far, no one has found any evidence.

NASA has sent many spacecrafts to explore Mars and scientists have sent robots to check out the planet. Some have even tried to bring rocks back from Mars, but they have not yet been successful.

So, although Mars seems like a lonely planet, many people are still trying to explore it!