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Learning Task: Setting Goals and Recognizing Strengths

Objective: To develop students’ goal-setting skills, promote teamwork, and encourage recognition of others’ strengths.

Instructions: 1. Individual Goals: a. Ask each student to reflect on their personal aspirations and create three individual goals they would like to achieve within a specific timeframe (e.g., by the end of the semester, academic year, etc.). b. Encourage students to make their goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART goals).

  1. Group Goals: a. Divide the class into small groups (3-5 students per group). b. In their groups, students should discuss and identify three collective goals they would like to achieve together within the same timeframe. c. Emphasize the importance of collaboration, effective communication, and compromise when setting group goals.

  2. Recognizing Strengths: a. Instruct students to observe and identify the strengths and talents of their classmates. b. Each student should choose three peers and write down their strengths, highlighting specific examples or instances where they have witnessed these strengths in action. c. Encourage students to consider a wide range of strengths, such as leadership, creativity, problem-solving, empathy, etc.

  3. Something They Would Like to See Someone Else Achieve in a Show: a. Ask students to think about a TV show, movie, or theater production they enjoy. b. Instruct them to identify a character or performer in that show whose achievement or growth they would like to see. c. Students should write a short paragraph explaining why they chose that character/performer and what specific achievement or growth they would like to witness.

  4. Reflection and Discussion: a. Provide time for students to reflect on their individual goals, group goals, and the strengths they recognized in their peers. b. Facilitate a class discussion where students can share their goals, group goals, and the strengths they identified in others. c. Encourage students to provide constructive feedback and support to their peers, fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment.

Assessment: - Assess students’ individual goals based on their clarity, specificity, and alignment with the SMART criteria. - Evaluate the group goals by considering their relevance, feasibility, and the level of collaboration demonstrated. - Assess the strengths identified by students, looking for thoughtful observations and specific examples. - Evaluate the paragraphs about someone else’s achievement in a show based on the clarity of their choice, reasoning, and the desired growth or achievement identified.