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Students will be able to explain the accomplishments Muhammad Ali made in his life and its relevance to our current culture.


-Student handouts about Muhammad Ali’s early life, career accomplishments, social activism, and legacy -Video clips of his most famous fights -Quotes from Muhammad Ali

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction (10 minutes):

-Welcome students and explain the purpose of the lesson.

-Provide students with a brief background about Muhammad Ali and why he is considered one of the most important figures in 20th century history.

-Show a brief video about Muhammad Ali.

  1. Discussion (20 minutes):

-Discuss the student handouts on Muhammad Ali.

-Discuss his career accomplishments, such as winning three world heavyweight boxing championships and becoming an Olympian at the young age of 18.

-Discuss his social activism and how he spoke out against the Vietnam War, racism, and oppressive regimes.

-Discuss his legacy and why Muhammad Ali still resonates with people today.

  1. Activity (10 minutes):

-Show students video clips of Muhammad Ali’s most famous fights.

-Discuss with students how his boxing style was unique and why it made him so successful.

-Discuss how these fight clips can be used as metaphors for facing other challenges in life.

  1. Conclusion (10 minutes):

-Discuss the impact of Muhammad Ali’s life on current culture and how he still inspires people today.

-Discuss some of his famous quotes and how they resonate with students.

-Discuss how the lesson shows how one person can make an impact on the world.

-Ask students to reflect on the lesson and how it has impacted them.