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Title: Getting to Know Each Other

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to introduce themselves, learn about their classmates, and establish a positive classroom environment.

Materials: - Chart paper - Markers - Name tags or index cards - Small slips of paper - Pencils


  1. Introduction (5 minutes):
    • Greet the students and welcome them to the first day of school.
    • Explain that today’s lesson is all about getting to know each other and creating a positive classroom environment.
    • Emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and inclusivity in the classroom.
  2. Icebreaker Activity: “Two Truths and a Lie” (10 minutes):
    • Explain the rules of the game: each student will think of two true statements about themselves and one false statement.
    • Model an example: “My favorite color is blue, I have a pet dog named Max, and I can speak three languages fluently.”
    • Allow each student to take turns sharing their statements while the rest of the class guesses which one is the lie.
    • Encourage students to ask questions to help them make their guesses.
    • After each student has shared, reveal the lie and congratulate the students who guessed correctly.
  3. Classroom Rules and Expectations (10 minutes):
    • Ask the students to brainstorm what they think are important rules and expectations for a successful classroom.
    • Write their ideas on the chart paper.
    • Discuss each suggestion, ensuring that the rules promote respect, cooperation, and a positive learning environment.
    • Collaboratively create a list of 4-5 essential classroom rules.
    • Explain the consequences for breaking the rules and the rewards for following them.
  4. Name Game (15 minutes):
    • Distribute name tags or index cards to each student.
    • Instruct the students to write their names clearly on the cards.
    • Collect the cards and shuffle them.
    • Randomly distribute the cards back to the students, making sure they receive a card with someone else’s name.
    • Ask the students to find the person whose name is on their card and introduce themselves.
    • Encourage them to ask questions and find out something interesting about their new friend.
    • After a few minutes, have the students switch partners and repeat the activity.
    • Repeat this process until each student has interacted with multiple classmates.
  5. Classmate Interview (10 minutes):
    • Give each student a small slip of paper and a pencil.
    • Instruct them to find a partner and interview each other by asking questions such as:
      • What is your favorite subject in school?
      • What is your favorite hobby or activity?
      • Do you have any siblings?
      • What is your favorite book or movie?
    • Encourage students to actively listen and take notes on their partner’s responses.
    • After the interviews, ask a few students to share interesting facts they learned about their classmates.
  6. Conclusion (5 minutes):
    • Recap the activities and discussions from the lesson.
    • Emphasize the importance of getting to know each other and building a positive classroom community.
    • Express excitement for the upcoming school year and the opportunity to learn and grow together.

Note: Adjust the time allocated for each activity based on the needs and pace of your students.