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Objective: Students will be able to explain the impact Mahatma Gandhi had in India.

Introduction (5 minutes): Start the lesson by introducing the concept of Mahatma Gandhi and his influence in India. Explain that he was an influential leader whose mission was to achieve independence of India from British rule through a nonviolent, civil disobedience movement. Show an image of him and discuss his humble background and what he did as a leader in India (i.e. led a powerful non-violent satyagraha or truth-force movement).

Main Activity - Reading and Discussion (15 minutes): Break students into small groups. Distribute copies of written information and/or videos on Mahatma Gandhi and his impact in India. Ask groups to read and watch material, discuss and fill out the worksheet.

Worksheet 1. What were some of Gandhi’s important beliefs and values? 2. How did Gandhi contribute to Indian independence? 3. What positive changes did he bring to India?

Conclusion (5 minutes): Once the students have had a chance to discuss the material, bring the class back together for a quick closing discussion to review what was discussed and focus on the impact Mahatma Gandhi had in India.

Assessment: Have students write an essay that answers the following questions: What role did Mahatma Gandhi play in India’s independence from British rule? How did his numerous campaigns, such as the Salt satyagraha, help India gain its freedom?