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LESSON OBJECTIVE: To gain an understanding of the history of football, from its European and global origins, to its current prominence in UK tournaments.


I. Introduction (5 mins)
- discuss what football is and its global appeal.
- introduce short video about History of Football

II. Understanding football's roots (15 mins)
- Introduce powerpoint exploring origins and spread of football
- explore European origins and global developments

III. UK Football (25 mins)
- focus on the key UK tournaments and their respective histories
- look at the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup
- activity - students debate which tournament they think is most important

IV. Quiz & review (5 mins)
- introduce powerpoint with a short quiz
- review student's answers & discuss any areas of difficulty

V. Summary (5 mins)
- summarise key points from the lesson
- ask students to write a short reflection on what they have learnt about football's history