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Title: Getting to Know Each Other

Grade Level: 4th and 5th

Objective: To create a positive and inclusive classroom environment by fostering connections and building relationships among students during the first week of school.

Materials: - Chart paper or whiteboard - Markers or whiteboard markers - Sticky notes or index cards - Art supplies (colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc.) - Construction paper - Scissors - Glue sticks

Lesson Plan:

Introduction (10 minutes): 1. Greet the students and introduce yourself. 2. Explain the importance of creating a positive classroom environment where everyone feels valued and included. 3. Share that the first week of school is an opportunity to get to know each other better and build connections.

Activity 1: All About Me (20 minutes): 1. Distribute sticky notes or index cards to each student. 2. Instruct students to write their name on the top of the sticky note or index card. 3. Ask students to write three interesting facts about themselves below their name. 4. Collect the sticky notes or index cards and display them on a chart paper or whiteboard. 5. Read aloud some of the facts and encourage students to guess who they belong to. 6. Discuss the similarities and differences among the students’ interests and experiences.

Activity 2: Classmate Interview (20 minutes): 1. Divide the students into pairs. 2. Provide each pair with a set of interview questions (e.g., favorite book, hobby, favorite subject, etc.). 3. Instruct students to take turns interviewing each other and writing down their partner’s responses. 4. After the interviews, have students share one interesting thing they learned about their partner with the whole class.

Activity 3: Collaborative Art Project (30 minutes): 1. Explain that the class will create a collaborative art project to represent their unique identities and interests. 2. Provide each student with a piece of construction paper and art supplies. 3. Instruct students to draw or write about their favorite hobbies, interests, or anything that represents them on their construction paper. 4. Once completed, have students cut out their drawings or writings. 5. Ask students to work together to arrange and glue their individual pieces onto a larger piece of construction paper, creating a collaborative artwork. 6. Display the artwork in the classroom as a visual representation of the class’s diverse interests and identities.

Conclusion (5 minutes): 1. Recap the activities and emphasize the importance of getting to know each other to build a positive classroom community. 2. Encourage students to continue fostering connections and showing respect for one another throughout the school year. 3. Thank the students for their participation and enthusiasm.

Note: Adjust the duration of each activity based on the available time and the pace of the students.