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Objective: Students will identify the 3 wise men who visited baby Jesus and name their gifts.

Materials Needed:

-YouTube video: “The Story of the 3 Kings”

-Whiteboard or chalkboard and markers

Step 1: Begin the lesson by introducing the topic and having the students brainstorm facts about Jesus’s birth. Ask questions such as:

-Where was Jesus born? -Who was the angel who spoke to Joseph and Mary? -Did anyone visit Jesus after he was born?

Step 2: After the students have made some guesses, watch the YouTube video together, “The Story of the 3 Kings” (5:10).

Step 3: After watching the video, ask the students questions about it to check for understanding. Questions such as:

-What were the three gifts that the kings brought? -What were their names? -Where were they from?

Step 4: Once all the questions have been answered, have the students draw pictures of the three kings and label their names and the gifts they brought.

Step 5: For closure, have the students discuss what made the kings so wise.

Conclusion: The students have learned about the three wise men who visit Jesus soon after his birth and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.