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Objective: At the end of this lesson, students should be able to understand what harassment and bullying are, discuss and identify appropriate behavior, and recognize the impacts of bullying and harassment and the resources available for victims.

Lesson Plan:

I. Introduction (15 min) A. Discuss and define harassment and bullying B. Show an example of harassment and bullying

II. Group Discussions (15 min) A. Identify different types of harassment and bullying B. Discuss ways to prevent harassment and bullying

III. Impact of Harassment and Bullying (15 min) A. Discuss the physical and emotional impacts of bullying B. Establish pathways for impact prevention

IV. Resources for Victims (15 min) A. Explain school and community resources for victims B. Explain local and national laws

V. Wrap Up (5 min) A. Summarize the main points and activities from the lesson B. Review the objectives of the lesson C. Address any remaining questions