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1. Students will identify important characteristics of good leadership in team sports.
2. Students will be able to explain the importance of leadership in team sports and how it impacts the success of a team.

1. Whiteboard
2. Markers
3. Pictures of team sports

Introduction (5 minutes):
Good morning everyone. Today we're going to focus on a topic that is often overlooked in many sports: leadership. Leadership is essential in any team sport, as it sets the tone and contributes to the overall success of the entire team. Today, we'll explore the importance of good leadership in team sports, and how it can help a team succeed.

Discussion (10 minutes):
Now, let's start by discussing the importance of leadership in team sports. What are some important characteristics of a good leader, and how do they impact the success of their team? [Allow students to discuss and brainstorm ideas].

Some possible points to discuss:
• Good leaders are organized, reliable, and have a clear vision for the team.
• Good leaders motivate and encourage their team members.
• Good leaders set a positive example for their team and are role models for their players.
• Good leaders are able to bring out the best in their team and push them to higher levels of success.
• Good leaders provide constructive criticism in order to help their team improve.

Activity (15 minutes):
Now, let's look at some pictures of teams in action and identify their leaders. [Show students a few pictures of teams in action and ask them to identify who appears to be the leader in each situation.]

Afterwards, discuss why it is important to identify the leader in these situations. [Encourage students to explain why leaders are important in team sports and how they can contribute to the success of the team.]

Conclusion (10 minutes):
In summary, today we learned how important good leadership is in team sports. Leaders play an important role in helping teams succeed and reach their goals. Now let's review the characteristics of a good leader that we discussed earlier. [Allow students to recap the characteristics of a good leader].

Great job everyone! That concludes our lesson today, thank you for your participation!