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Objective: To introduce the Year 8 pupils to the industrial revolution.

Materials: -Textbook -Worksheets -Interactive activity

Procedure: 1. Introduction (5 minutes): Ask the class what they know about the industrial revolution and have them explain their answers. Discuss the effects that the industrial revolution had on the world and its people.

  1. Reading (10 minutes): Divide the class into groups of three and have them read an extract from the textbook about the industrial revolution and its key features.

  2. Worksheets (15 minutes): Hand out the worksheets to the students and explain the activities asked in them. The worksheets should be related to the industrial revolution and its effects.

  3. Interactive Activity (15 minutes): Give the students an interactive activity in which they can work collaboratively and share their answers. The activity could be a quiz or an online game.

  4. Recap and Conclusions (5 minutes): Ask the students to discuss their answers and the things they have learnt in the lesson.

Assessment: - Assess the students on the completion of the worksheets - Assess the students on their participation in the interactive activities - Assess the student’s understanding by asking them to summarise what they have learnt in the lesson.