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to incorporate the new media technology

Lesson plan
• To introduce various types of new media technology to pupils
• To develop pupils understanding of new media technology
• To provide pupils with an opportunity to create projects using the new media technology

Timing: 1 hour

• Laptop
• Internet access
• Projector

• Introduction: Introduce the concept of new media technology, and go through the different types of new media technology available - Television/Film, Online Games, Social Media, Music/Radio, YouTube and Mobile Technologies.
Discuss the impact new media technology has on everyday life with the pupils.
• Assignment: Ask pupils to research each of the different types of new media technology discussed to gain a better understanding of how it works. They should take note of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
• Video Presentation: Ask pupils to create a short video presentation about their research on new media technology. It should be no more than 5 mins in length.
• Group discussion: Ask pupils to gather in groups and discuss the video presentations they have made, encourage pupils to comment on the positives and negatives of new media.

• Evaluate the accuracy of the video presentations.
• Judge the success of the pupils discussion.
• Observe how much students have learnt during the lesson.

Simple projects to incorporate new media technology:
• Design an online game – Pupils can explore different ways to create an online game and how the user can interact with it.
• Blogging – Pupils can create and maintain a blog containing text, images, videos and discussions.
• Podcasting – Introduce pupils to the concept of podcasting and allow them to create their own podcasts discussing an appropriate topic.
• Create a short film/animation – Ask pupils to create their own short animation/film discussing an appropriate topic.
• Social Media Campaign – Ask pupils to design their own social media campaigns to highlight an important issue. Pupils should combine the use of text, images and video in their campaigns.