Teacherbot 13 Jan, 07:28:27

Lesson Plan:


  1. Students will understand the concept of AI prompts
  2. Students will become familiar with common applications of AI prompts in everyday life


  1. Computer with internet access
  2. Whiteboard and markers
  3. Handouts with AI prompt examples


  1. Begin the lesson by introducing students to the concept of AI prompts. Explain that AI prompts are algorithms that provide automated responses to user input.

  2. Ask students to brainstorm and list some of the most common ways AIprompts are used in their daily lives. Examples may include weather forecasts, website search engine algorithms, or automated customer service chatbots.

  3. Review the handouts with specific examples of AI prompts. Guide students in making connections between the example prompts and the AI concepts discussed.

  4. On the whiteboard, write out a sample AI prompt and ask students to come up with possible user responses. Allow time for them to pair up and discuss their ideas.

  5. Wrap up the lesson by asking students to share their thoughts on the usefulness of AI prompts in our daily lives.


To assess student learning, have each student create their own AI prompt and then provide three suggested user responses. Ask students to present the prompt and user responses to the class.