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Objective: To teach 2nd grade students about saving money and how it relates to spending and budgeting.

Materials Needed: Whiteboard or Chalkboard, colored markers or chalk, sheet of paper and pencils for each student

Time: 45 Minutes

I. Introduction (5 minutes) A. Hook: Ask students if they know the difference between saving and spending money. B. Introduction to Learning Goal: Explain to students that today’s lesson is about understanding how to manage money and to build good saving habits from a young age.

II. Discussion (15 minutes) A. Ask each student to draw a saved money jar and spending money jar on their sheet of paper. B. Divide the class into two halves and have each one discuss the importance of saving money and the consequences of not saving money. C. After the discussion is complete, ask each student to draw their dream purchase in the “Spending Money” jar.

III. Activity (15 minutes) A. Divide the class into small groups of 4-5 students and give each group a hypothetical scenario where they must decide what to do with their money. B. Ask them to discuss the pros and cons of each scenario and to decide as a group how to best manage their money, taking into account budgeting, saving, and spending. C. Have students write down their decisions and solutions on the board for the class to discuss and provide feedback.

IV. Conclusion (10 minutes) A. Ask the students to share their solutions and discuss what strategies they found to be most effective. B. Ask each student to explain one way that they can start saving money on a daily basis in order to achieve their dream purchase. C. End the lesson with a brief summary of today’s learning goal, emphasizing the importance of building good saving habits.